Electrical Billing Software

Sonic electrical billing software is advanced billing software that helps in managing invoices and bills at the electrical store. The accounting software is also efficient in managing the day-to-day accounting functions of electrical shops. The Sonic software is also efficient in managing the inventory at the electric shop.

The Sonic billing software is the best software for electrical shops because it provides advanced features for easy billing and invoicing. The billing software for electrical shop comes with an additional feature of cloud-based storage which improves the overall billing and inventory management service at an electrical billing outlet.

Features of Sonic Electrical Billing Software

A customized Sonic electrical accounting software works as an integrated system to meet the existing billing requirement of the electrical shop. The software simplifies the invoicing and also ensures to bring in speed to the process. There are several other features of the software that makes it worth using and some of these features are:

GST-enabled billing

The Sonic software facilitates GST-enabled billingn so that paying the GST is no more stressful for the shop owners. By calculating the GST, the software ensures the generation of bills as per GST compliance.

Inventory management

Other than managing the billing process at the electrical store, the software is also efficient in managing the inventory at the outlet. The software sends reminders if any stock is unavailable so that the keeper can refill the stock for customers.

Cloud-based storage

The Sonic electrical billing software also provides a facility of storage that can help scale up your business by providing perfect storage facility.

Information about transactions

The Sonic electrical software is best billing software best billing software because best billing software because it keeps a complete track of previous transactions along with complete detail about each customer. This can help maintain a perfect record of each purchase that has been carried out at the outlet.

Ensuring automation

Automation is the need of the day and by installing the Sonic electrical billing software, automation is ensured. The automation in the billing process also ensures bringing speed and accuracy for each invoice.

E- Way bill

The software also helps send bills for each purchase via email and SMS. This can make the process fast and steady by bringing in the facility of easy collection of payment.

What are the basic functions of POS billing software?

The Sonic POS billing software is used at a store where billing is a major need. Point-of-sale billing software is essential for bringing in automation at the billing counter. The automated, full-featured billing software not only helps generate invoices but also helps keep a track record of all the previous invoices. The billing software is used at various outlets.

The billing software is also useful for managing the inventory at such stores so that customer continues to purchase. The basic use of POS software is at outlets such as retail shops or electrical shops.The Sonic billing software for retail shop monitors and manage the billing at a retail outlet and electrical billing software can help in the generation of invoices at an electrical shop.

Why Sonic electrical billing software?

The Sonic electrical invoicing software is widely used across various electrical shops because of its advanced features. The software meets the customized requirement of each outlet thus ensuring effective and efficient electrical billing. The system comes with the facility of digital transactions and cloud-based storage thus facilitating automated and online billing transactions for shops.

The Sonic electrical billing system is a powerful software for easy invoice generation, and stock management and keeps a record of past transactions. Other than its basic function of facilitating ease and speed in billing processes at an electrical outlet, it also provides an additional facility of quick reminders for payment. The software is the perfect software for every electrical shop.


Electrical billing software is a computer program designed to manage and process transactions and invoices for electrical contractors and businesses.

 Yes, invoicing software is available specifically for electrical contractors, such as Sonic’s invoicing software for electrical contractors.

Electrical invoicing software is a computer program designed to streamline the invoicing process for electrical contractors and businesses.

Sonic offers a free trial demo version of its billing software for electrical shops, including premium features.