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Yewtec Restaurant Managment System Surat

Sonic Restaurant Management System is multi-site solution for Restaurant Chains, Cafe, Fast Food Chains, Fine Dining Restaurants. The software consist all the features that you need to manage the activities of your restaurants at your fingertips. GST Invoicing is easy with Restaurant Management System. The solution benefits to speed up operational efficiency and services. Our RMS can be tailored as per your business needs. Whether you are running Cafe, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Fine Dining , Pub or Bar , Sonic RMS can be customized as per business need.

Solution with informative and speedy access to various tables and their latest status , user can easily identify the tables being waited and the arrangement which are under planning preparation.

User can create different master data according to the restaurant requirement with allotment to particular kitchen, its billing rate, item preparation time, inventory management etc. Data configuration with master data modification options help user to operate the system effortlessly.

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Why is Sonic Restaurant Management System best fit for business around Surat?

Key Features

Make the reservation process easy and quickly. Spare your customers the long wait and offer the option to reserve a table in advance. Use the interactive table selection module of the RMS to easily allocate tables and send instant booking confirmation to customers via email or text.

  • Quick Reservation
  • On screen details for running tables
  • Notifications and Alert

Deliver your order faster than before. Staff can track and update the status of each order with the click of a button. Delivery and kitchen staff can fulfill orders faster without having to go front and back of the house.

  • KOT Print Kitchen wise
  • Pending KOT Printing
  • Order Queue

Yewtec RMS support multiple payment mode like Cash, Credit Card,Credit etc. Accept payment from various platforms. RMS also have integrated tax support and advanced billing feature that enables to make bills easily.

RMS can be tailored as per need of business. Yewtec RMS can be integrated with different Hotel Software to extend the functionality. Yewtec also provide Hotel/ Motel Software which works best with our Yewtec Restaurant Management System.

Get detailed full report about sales and purchase. Analyze and have insight about your business with ease. Yewtec RMS provide following report of your business:

  • Bill wise Sales Statement
  • Date/Day wise Sales Statement
  • Monthly Sales Statement

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